GUI Awards of the Past: 2008

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By 2008, everything had changed, Trolly was now around, and new members of the community like Jason and Aguma had been working on new demos.

Winner: Q-Step XT 2.1
When Trolly showed up with Q-Step, the community was instantly changed. We now had a talented programmer who took the time to write a well polished GUI, which meant that we all had to step it up if we wanted a chance at winning the Awards. Q-Step featured a lot of applications and had nice visuals using a routine that’d draw every other pixel for a partially transparent effect.Download

Runner Up: Fun500 4.0
Fun500 4
In 2008 I opened up Fun500 3 on some real hardware and found that it was extremely slow and unstable. A lot of the stability issues were fixed with a new version of FreeBASIC, but I also optimized my code a fair amount and release Fun500 4, which was good enough for second place. Download

Archived Copy of Todd’s Ballot

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  1. I really like the visual style of Q-Step; it’s still one of my favorite GUIs in terms of appearance.

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