GUI Awards of the Past: 2012

In 2011 we didn’t have a GUI Awards because there weren’t enough entries.

Countdown to GUI Awards 2013: 0 Sundays left until sign-ups close. Remember, you have to have your GUI uploaded by 10AM EST on the 27th.

In 2012, we finally had collected up enough GUIs to hold the awards, including new versions of Fun500, Costa, Dick’s GUI, M-OS, and Spacecat.

Winner: Fun500 6.3
Fun500 6.3 built upon the base that Fun500 6.2.2 and that Fun500 6.0 provided. It added an RSS reader and general bug fixes. Download

Runner Up: Costa 1.0.0
Finally it arrived, the great 1.0 release, and it sure was worthy of it. Costa proved to be one of the most practical GUIs for usage on real machines ever made. Download

4 Responses to GUI Awards of the Past: 2012

  1. Just stumbled across this site again, had no idea it was still going! Are you still coding in FB? I haven’t touched it in years.

  2. I’ll open QB45 up occasionally when I feel like writing code, but for the most part I’m too busy to code anymore, I just keep the site going in hopes that I can help other people make GUIs.

  3. i’ve always been a fond of the GUI scene but never caught on to it. Why not put all the talent to coding google’s android GUI/de/launchers. I dont think there is yet a launcher thats suitable for a keyboard and mouse setup. Android device are exponentially increasing its spec too, there is already RFO basic which i think is the best tool for this.

    • Well for me personally, I got started in GUI development before Android became a thing. These days I only code when I’m bored at school and want to “code for fun”, and researching Android development would seem a lot like class work for me. But, you are right, for the most part I don’t bother anymore, but occasionally I like to get out the old tools and “go back in time.”

      Honestly, I have a lot of interest in making my own linux distribution, but there is a lot of effort required to start from the ground up (and any less feels like cheating and I don’t want to publish something I don’t understand). In the future, this is likely to be the extension to my GUI programming.

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