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geekbasicGeek Basic Desktop
Geek Basic Desktop Geek Basic Desktop is a GUI for MS DOS that is intended to help users manage their filesystem. It has a built in scripting language (Geek Basic Script) and allows up to four scripts to be ran at a time. Each script is allowed to create windows and other forms. Download link:  GBD
2013-10-179:43 PM

geekbasicRe: Geek Basic Desktop
I just fixed some small errors. I also added drive letters to the file manager. This also runs on a floppy by the way or in any directory.
2013-10-184:07 AM

RetroMRe: Geek Basic Desktop
Not bad. But I think the mouse routines need work, they seem to slow the whole GUI down. Otherwise it's pretty good for only 348KB of GUI ;-)
2013-10-186:26 AM

geekbasicRe: Geek Basic Desktop
Thanks for the input. I will look into making the mouse better as you say.
2013-10-186:49 AM

geekbasicRe: Geek Basic Desktop
I have added task switching buttons to the system bar to prevent processes from conflicting.
2013-10-2612:53 AM

geekbasicRe: Geek Basic Desktop
New updates: * some overflow and other silly errors fixed (will now boot nicely from a flash drive using autoexec.bat) * higher resolution
2014-01-022:25 AM

atrocityRe: Geek Basic Desktop
You should post updates to the site as new posts so we can see updates as they happen! I didn't even know you fixed stuff until I saw the comments side-bar, lol!
2014-01-023:25 PM

BrandonRe: Geek Basic Desktop
I agree with Atrocity, you should post a new post every time you update so that it's easier to find, and so that the old material is kept for archival purposes. Even a couple of sentences is perfectly good for a news post, that way we can all keep up on your progress.
2014-01-0210:13 PM


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