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BrandonA few ideas
GUI Awards 2013 There are two elgible GUIs so far this year: F57 Alpha .05 Geek Basic Desktop I've decided on a new policy, there will be a yearly GUI awards no matter the number of entries, so right now all you have to release and you're guaranteed 3rd place! GUI API Contest Idea I have an idea for a GUI API contest. The APIs would be designed with objects that could be used to create a single task at a time GUI. That means that things like buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, file select dialogs, text boxes would be expected. Is there any interest in such a contest? What if we set it up to be a one weekend/week/month or something like that? Best GUI Ever I tried to start a series of Polls to decide the Best GUI Ever at one point, and it didn't really work, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas in that area? Should it be part of the GUI Awards Ballot? Which GUIs get to be on the list of potentials? New Prize Idea So with GUI Awards coming, and with other contests being possible, I've came up with an idea for a reward for winning. I will make a spot for small banner images right above the comment feed, and if you win, you'll get your own image linking to your site/a site of your choice for a preset time (probably ~1 month).  
2013-10-214:25 PM

atrocityRe: A few ideas
Is there a cutoff date you had in mind? I'd love to enter for this year, especially seeing how much work I added. I just really want to open-source the project, but I can't find a good way to make commits and stuff with it. I could develop on DOS (like I currently do), but can't commit because I can't find a decent commit system for DOS. I could develop on Win8.1 and compile/link to DOS, but then how would I get the files easily into a VM to test on? Either way, I want to get a release out VERY soon, lol!
2013-10-215:43 PM

BrandonRe: A few ideas
GUI Awards will likely end entrees on the 27th of December (this isn't set in stone), so that the winner can hopefully be announced on the first. As far as compiling: DOSBox is a great way to test, just set up a batch file that uses FBC to compile, and then runs the code, and open it with DOSBox.
2013-10-217:09 PM

atrocityRe: A few ideas
I was thinking bout DOSBox, but with all the stuff I hear about DOSBox not being able to work with a lot of different graphics modes and stuff, I'm kind of scared, lol! But I'll give it a shot. Thanks! And ok, cool, so I have some time then. :)
2013-10-226:51 AM

geekbasicRe: A few ideas
Good ideas. :) This will be competition.
2013-10-228:47 AM

BrandonRe: A few ideas
DOSBox isn't perfect, but for the most part it works to tell you if the program is going to work or not, I tend to run under real DOS just before release to make sure it really does work. This guide: http://theguiblog.com/how-to-make-a-dos-flash-drive/ links to some tools that can help with making a bootable DOS USB Flash Drive, which works well for testing on newer machines that support USB booting.
2013-10-2210:47 AM

geekbasicRe: A few ideas
Fortunately, DOSBOX will emulate mouse drivers! (in fullscreen mode only, pres alt-enter)
2013-10-221:24 PM

atrocityRe: A few ideas
Mouse ended up working even in windowsed mode just fine, just it's SOOOOO slow! I'm installing an old copy of XP I have no on it and will just see how it works.
2013-10-222:01 PM

atrocityRe: A few ideas
Here's the repository I setup on Google Code for it: http://code.google.com/p/dosdoors/ Everything in it should work if you download and compile. I'll release a real package after I get it up to speed and how I want it. Controls: ESC - Quit F5 - Load app F12 - Load another app Prnt scrn - Take Screenshot F2-F4 (I think?) - Change resolution Everything in the APPS directory is required (compile apps) and if you look at the source, you can see at the top of main.bas where it loads the wallpaper. Also, it's FreeBasic. :P
2013-10-2211:39 PM


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