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BrandonF57 Alpha .07
I know it's been a while, but with December coming soon and due to boredom, I give you the next F57 Alpha. I bold Alpha, because this release is really bad, in that it's not really a functional release. However, the readme from the last Fun500 version is included, and you should be able to edit it as well as resize the window without the two functions effecting each other. Under DOSBox it seems to run slow, and I didn't bring any old machines to college with me this trip, so further testing will be needed in that regard. This release truly is Alpha, but I was so excited to have a working text editor for the first time that I decided I'd release it. Download: F57 Alpha .07 Please note: Exiting the demo can be tricky, because if you press "Q" it will type "Q" and not exit unless you get lucky and time it right.
2013-10-2510:11 PM

RetroMRe: F57 Alpha .07
Looks interesting. I started work on a new version of DC-OS a few days ago in FreeBASIC. If by some miracle I actually make it good enough to release a demo or beta it'll be my first FB GUI. Maybe I can have something done in time for the awards :-)
2013-10-267:38 AM

BrandonRe: F57 Alpha .07
It doesn't have to be "done" to release, I feel that releasing more frequently is better for 2 reasons: -It gives more people more chances to find bugs/provide input. -It inspires others to work on GUIs
2013-10-2610:09 AM

geekbasicRe: F57 Alpha .07
Have you tried making a DOS bootable flash drive for testing? I use the HP Drive Key utility and a copy of windows 98 for the system files. I use autoexec.bat to switch to my GUI once booted from the flash drive.
2013-10-264:17 PM

geekbasicRe: F57 Alpha .07
here is a good tutorial.. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/46707-ms-dos-bootable-flash-drive-create.html
2013-10-264:18 PM

BrandonRe: F57 Alpha .07
I wrote a tutorial on it in the past: http://theguiblog.com/how-to-make-a-dos-flash-drive/ However your advice isn't really useful, as I don't want to test the GUI at full speed on modern hardware (hence mentioning that I need some old hardware), I want to see how it runs at full speed on GUI-era machines. Side question: can users not edit comments?
2013-10-266:03 PM

atrocityRe: F57 Alpha .07
Good job, man! I found clicking into another window (other than the readme) made it exit fine. I like how clean you made the windows.
2013-10-271:18 PM


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