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BrandonGUI Awards 2013: The Official Post
So with the end of the year coming up, it's time for the big post that announces all the deadlines and rules for this years GUI Awards. Eligibility: GUI must have been written in BASIC and compiled for DOS Source code is NOT required Only one version of the same GUI may be entered - renames count as the same GUI, rewrites do not Must have been released between Dec 9, 2012 and Dec 27, 2013 Judging: GUI authors can judge ballots are due by Jan 1 to me by e-mail judging metric is up to each individual judge - however basic explanation of ballot should be included with ballot At 10AM on December 27, 2013, I'll compile a list of eligible GUIs, and then anyone who wants to can feel free to send in a ballot.  
2013-10-275:16 PM

atrocityRe: GUI Awards 2013: The Official Post
So including a windows and dos .exe is fine, though? Everybody working on their GUIs is making me work on mine a lot lately, now that I'm using versioning, too, lol!
2013-10-277:04 PM

BrandonRe: GUI Awards 2013: The Official Post
Yeah, as long as a DOS EXE is there, you can include whatever else you want.
2013-10-277:57 PM

atrocityRe: GUI Awards 2013: The Official Post
Gotcha. Thanks!
2013-10-278:12 PM


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