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BrandonGUI Awards of the Past: 2005
To countdown until GUI Awards, instead of GUI of the Week, each Sunday until the sign-ups close I will post a highlights of past competitions. Countdown to GUI Awards 2013: 5 Sundays left until sign-ups close. This week being the first week, gets the first GUI Awards. The contestants that year included M-OS, Fun500, Costa, and LinsterOS. Jacob chose to vote, however refused to rank his own GUI which caused it's position in the results to be lower that it otherwise would have been. Winner: M-OS 2005 M-OS 2005 was a major release of M-OS, following a familiar model: Take the M-OS desktop originally written by Jonathan Thorpe, improve it, and then add some user applications. This was the last GUI Awards that Todd Suess competed in before life took all his time away. Download Runner Up: Fun500 1.00 2005 is the year that I first start writing GUIs, having learned how to write text based programs in 2004, I found Jacob's website and GUIs like GIMI, XGUI, M-OS, and Windows X and tried to replicate them. 1.0 was the first version that had a mouse, but was still very much tied to text based development. Download Side note: This time machine post gives good insight into what the GUI atmosphere was like at the time.
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