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Countdown to GUI Awards 2013: 4 Sundays left until sign-ups close. In 2006 it got to be time for GUI Awards and Jacob had just shut down his site, so the community was pretty quiet, and we decided that rather than hold a GUI Awards we'd take the chance to honor Jacob's site for the important role it played in the GUI community. When 2007 came around, after not having a GUI Awards for 2 years, it was time to hold one again. This time the contests had changed a lot. There was a couple of versions of Fun500, a strange GUI called iOS and I'm pretty sure there was a copy of DC-OS in there too. Winner: Fun500 3.0 Once I released Fun500 1.0, I started working towards a 2.0 release with a scripting engine and window management. Well that's a pretty major leap, so it took all of 2006, and I ended up with 2.0 which had a pretty simple theme, I released 3.0 which added bitmap themes and we had the first of the scripting Fun500s. Download Runner Up: Fun500 2007 I spent all of 2006 trying to figure out scripting, so I didn't release much of anything (besides some BETAs), so in 2007, I released what was essentially a cleaner, freebasic version of Fun500 1.0. Download
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