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BrandonGUI Awards of the Past: 2009
Countdown to GUI Awards 2013: 2 Sundays left until sign-ups close. 2009 was a great year for GUI Awards, Jacob reappeared and released a new Costa version, Trolly released a new GUI called ASGARD and Fun500 5 was released. Winner: Costa 0.9.8 Costa had been in development for years, and finally in 2009 Jacob came back and released a new version which showed that Costa was worth the wait. With a small set of stable applications and a very polished Desktop, Costa proved to be one of the best QBASIC GUIs ever written. Download 1.0 Runner Up: Asgard Asgard was Trolly's follow up to Q-Step XT. Once again Trolly proved to be a great programmer and once again Trolly included a suite of well written applications. Download
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