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BrandonLast Site Update of 2013
First, I want to remind everyone that GUI Awards 2013 voting is still going on, so please e-mail me the GUIs ranked #1-#3 before the first of next year when I'll have to publish the winner. Second, You can probably tell that there is a new theme. Some of the reason for that, is that I get a little stir crazy. The main reason however is that I've been playing with Windows 8 lately (more on that in the coming month(s)) and the old theme had some glitch in Google Chrome such that scroll bars didn't show up and links weren't responding to clicks, which was annoying me. Finally, This year has been a pretty good year for the community, there have been a number  of releases. More exciting, I think, is that there are a lot of projects that people are working on "behind closed doors." As far as what next year brings, I'm not sure, GUI of the Week is running fairly low on options, but may return, and I might post more about hardware although I'd like to keep the site focused.
2013-12-2910:09 PM


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