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Some months ago I posted a rant about making my own Linux Distribution, now I'd like to reflect on that. First, a quote from my last post: My favorite distros have always been the smaller lighter ones, so I’d target something like a G3 with 128MB RAM or Pentium II with 128MB RAM or the Raspberry Pi with a download way less than a CD. As far as software goes, that’s where I’d have projects for years…. a custom filemanager, control panel, and music player would need to be wrote to be lighter and easier to use. So let me start by breaking down what I have accomplished so far: In 2008, I remastered Puppy linux as a puplet called DCL. I started with a stripped Puppy ISO, added some pre-made packages, made one from a tar of executables, and and ran a remaster script. In 2009, I wrote Fun500 5, which although in basic, did have a package manager. In 2013, I used remastersys to remove packages from Debian and get down to a reasonable size. Now as far as making a distribution goes, there are a few steps. Make bootable kernel disk Create disk image Make bootable CD/USB for installer Make installer to copy disk image Publish Alpha Write command line package management tools Make packages Make repository of packages Publish Beta Choose packages for releases Publish RC Fix issues Public Release 1.0 Obviously, the 13 steps above don't contain everything, there is a lot of polishing and filling in that I didn't list.
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