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atrocityDOS Doors Build 0011
Just wanted to put out there that I've finished Build 0010 and have started Build 0011 now!  I've set up a WordPress site for the developers (currently only me) so we can keep updates rolling in there (and here of course) as we/I implement things (http://dosdoors.net).  Some of the biggest features in 0010 were being able to not only create controls, but write evens in your programs to run when you click on buttons or check/uncheck checkboxes (you'll see soon).  Also, added the ability to create windows without captions on them at all which helps with one of the BIGGEST features... As you can see from this screenshot from Build 0011 which I just started an hour ago, no more taskbar at the bottom (which was built-in to the GUI, if that makes sense).  I've included a shell program now that is it's own program that lets you click Use and shows another door which allows you to launch stuff.  I currently don't have routines to hide doors yet, so once it's open, it's stuck, but soon... Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what's been going on to show that my FreeBasic GUI isn't dead!
2014-01-124:45 PM


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