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BrandonAspects of a GUI: Filemanager
When I judge the GUI Awards I rank the GUIs on a variety of aspects and then add up all the scores in each aspect to give each GUI a combined score. I think I'll do a series of short articles outlining each component and how to achieve each. File management is a category that a lot of GUIs ignore. I personally think that it's one of the most important parts and a GUI without a good file manger is less likely to be used in a situation where I need a GUI. With a good file manager I can move files around, and get other GUIs or other DOS applications set-up. To be perfect a file manager would have to support renaming, copying, moving, deleting, and opening files with an application of my choosing. And drag and drop would be extra points.
2014-01-185:50 PM

atrocityRe: Aspects of a GUI: Filemanager
I 100% agree with this. The problem (especially in a non-dedicated file manager) is getting all the functions in place to search through a drive-tree and implementing all the key points needed to do all of those functions. But a GUI is not just about pretty pictures, it's about actual functionality like you said! I'm going to like this series I think. I'm making progress in my GUI pretty quickly (solid 8x FPS increase recently because of some little mistakes I overlooked) and am waiting to see what features people want me to implement! :D
2014-01-1910:58 AM

BrandonRe: Aspects of a GUI: Filemanager
That's exactly why I decided to start the series, I'll post one each week and I think there are about two months worth of aspects, I think that they should be useful for deciding future plans for any GUI, although they will be somewhat tailored to my opinions.
2014-01-1911:27 AM

atrocityRe: Aspects of a GUI: Filemanager
Yeah, but even your opinions are better than what most people think is a GUI. Yeah, I have a nice interface and all, but really, all I have is a glorified windowing system, that's it. To make it into what most people would consider to be a GUI still requires much more and APPLICATIONS, lol!
2014-01-1911:42 AM


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