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BrandonAspects of a GUI: Text Editor
Honestly, this is the part of my ballot that ends up with the lowest scores every time, and has the most potential for a GUI to set itself apart. I give points for even a text viewer, and if there is a file selector dialog that also gives major points because I hate having to memorize a file location just to view it. Ideally, you'd make a text editor more or less like Microsoft notepad. There are a few things that for me at least make this tricky, the text file could be very large, the lines are wrapped a certain way in the original file, how do you change the file, while keeping the formatting? Honestly speaking, any user that wants to edit text on a DOS machine probably already has a text editor, so a nice text viewer that's integrated at least allows them to view their files without having to exit.
2014-02-179:58 AM


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