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BrandonAspects of a GUI: Size
For a long time, I was a dial-up user. I didn't run Blue (it's 8MB) for years, and it took me something like 40 minutes to download. So now when I'm comparing GUIs, I keep an eye on the download size. I generally break things into three general tiers, a couple hundred KB, will just fit on a Floppy Disk, and bigger than a Floppy. More and more it's easy to ignore this as floppies are rarely used, but in a DOS GUI it's still an important size metric.
2014-02-2612:04 AM

PrimisRe: Aspects of a GUI: Size
...I think you meant "A couple huundered KILObytes" not MB.
2014-02-2611:36 AM

BrandonRe: Aspects of a GUI: Size
That would be correct.
2014-02-2710:00 PM


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