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BrandonWhere is the Blog going?
A few weeks ago, I visited Pete's QB Site and realized that the last post was over 5 years ago. I remember when it was posted, and it doesn't feel that long ago. The QBASIC community has been pretty inactive for the last five years. Now that I've been programming in my college classes it feels more like work than fun and I haven't worked on a GUI in a number of months. All the GUI programmers I've ever known naturally come to this point, and as time goes on they appear less and less in the community. I have been trying to post once a week with something, but in forcing myself to post, I've taken the fun out of that, too. Sadly, I fear the Blog will go the way of Pete's site, at least as far as my posts are concerned. I don't see much benefit in forcing myself to write weekly posts, so from now on, I'll post as things come to me. For the most part, this probably means that posts will be less GUI related as I'm doing less GUI stuff. However, there still are a couple of people crazy enough to be working on GUIs, and I'm very happy to be able to have the GUI Blog as a place to show off their creations.
2014-02-2612:18 AM

atrocityRe: Where is the Blog going?
I completely understand where you are coming from. I've been writing GUIs and programming for years. Honestly, the only reason I started doing a GUI again was because it was something that wasn't forced on me (as with work stuff). I get burned out there and stop. If i don't program for a while, then I want to again, and I figured a GUI for DOS would be fun. Having said that, personally, work has been SUPER buy lately (our company was sold-off, so a TON of stuff to do IT-wise), but my GUI is still active (at least in my head).
2014-02-265:47 PM

geekbasicRe: Where is the Blog going?
This is understandable. After writing an open source web server/script language to power my entire website -- in QB64 -- No QB users (or anyone but my best friend) have joined my forum. All I can say it that we still benefit from our creations and posts on our sites as it gives us an excuse to say and do things that don't fit into our "normal" social lives.
2014-04-054:41 PM


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