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BrandonA Good GUI Site
It doesn't look like it's been updated in a long time, but Toasty Tech was one of my favorite sites to get GUI ideas and inspiration from. Toasty Tech
2014-03-098:06 PM

pharoahRe: A Good GUI Site
Visiting your blog and seeing a link to that site really brings back memories. I still occasionally have a look - if you check the news page you'll see that new content is added every few months at least. The design has remained the same for a decade or so, though, as far as I can tell.
2014-03-142:27 PM

DickRe: A Good GUI Site
There's also the absolutely pissening http://www.guidebookgallery.org/
2014-03-149:39 PM

BrandonRe: A Good GUI Site
I remember visiting that site and seeing GNOME 2 and thinking it looked so cool back in ~2005/2006. Now it seems strange, I've used all sorts of Linux Desktop Environments, and GNOME 2 is not even close to my favorite.
2014-03-1510:01 AM

pharoahRe: A Good GUI Site
Hey, at least it's better than GNOME 3 ;)
2014-03-183:13 AM

BrandonRe: A Good GUI Site
That's true, but I like the Openbox+Tint2 setup in Crunchbang. It's very light, but functional.
2014-03-1810:27 AM

geekbasicRe: A Good GUI Site
Toasty tech is actually quite educational and inspirational for me!
2014-04-054:32 PM


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