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BrandonComputers: say hi to ebay
I have my 4 best computers for sale on ebay, I'm hoping to get enough money to buy a new dual core laptop with a sata hard drive. No international shipping, sorry.
2010-11-2411:47 AM

ToddRe:Computers: say hi to ebay
Word of advice: never set the bid to $0.99. Set it higher - like THE LEAST you'd want to get from it. If you set the starting bids higher, you'll get less cheapskates and more serious buyers.
I sold a notebook for $0.99 and it went for $23. I sold the same brand for $159 and it went for $170.
2010-11-2411:36 PM

BrandonRe:Computers: say hi to ebay
I found the opposite in the past, by starting low you get more watchers and excitement. But idk, really I just start at .99 for the low listing fee. I did set $50 reserves on everything, so I knowI won't get ripped off.
2010-11-257:36 AM


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