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BrandonThinkpad Z61p
After selling my laptops, I won a refurb Thinkpad Z61p on ebay. $315+$16 shipping. Specs are in the signature, but it came with a 100GB HDD. The LCD is 1920x1200 which is crazy, text is tiny, but images look great. I ordered a hard drive caddy, a hard drive, some ram, an external dvd drive, and a new cpu fan, the included one is pretty loud.
2010-12-029:47 PM

ToddRe:Thinkpad Z61p
Sounds like a good deal but I felt like you could've gotten it cheaper. It's only got a T7200 and I got an HP NC6400 with a T7200 for $185, complete with 160 gig HDD, 2 GB RAM, power adapter, etc.
2010-12-038:51 AM

BrandonRe:Thinkpad Z61p
HPs are the least reliable and have lowest customer satifaction. Lenovo isn't the best (middle of the field). And I highly doubt your HP has a 1920x1200 LCD, laptops with 15 inch LCDs with that resolution run higher.
2010-12-0311:15 AM

ToddRe:Thinkpad Z61p
But your basing your opinions on an overall review of all notebooks not the individual reviews on the one notebook. HPs have never been a problem for me. I don't use them primarily but that resolution is attributed to the graphics card not just the LCD. Fujitsus are my brand-loyalty of notebooks which fit in a similar category of business laptops like Lenovos and I usually find refurbs for under $300. The point is I just thought it was a little high for a refurb.
2010-12-031:55 PM

BrandonRe:Thinkpad Z61p
If it was high, then find me a laptop with a Full HD or WUXGA LCD for less than I payed. High resolution screens add a lot to the cost, because they don't slap a big high pixel count screen on a wimply laptop that can't ahndel driving it. It's true that my HP data is brand-wide and so I'm clear, it's not just my opinion, sources that I've seen also say the same thing. I have to dissagree that $330 was too mcuh, find me a laptop with a high res screen and dual core CPU fotr less, and I'll change my mind.
2010-12-033:37 PM

ToddRe:Thinkpad Z61p
But on a 15.1" screen, you'd be squinting to see text, which begs the question, "Why?" I mean it's amazing and not too many use WUXGA but it just seems a little useless on such a small screen. On a 17" it might be useful but I feel like 15.1" is a little small for such a high resolution. It seems like getting a house on the East coast and saying you got a good deal because you got a discount on volcano insurance. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like such a high resolution would require fonts to be bigger in order to see them, unless you're using an external monitor.
2010-12-034:15 PM

BrandonRe:Thinkpad Z61p
Well the resolutoin is a little overkill, I'll admit to that, however most laptops come with 1366x768 resolution (the same that my 12" had) so I wanted something a little bigger. I was really looking for a full HD LCD and had trouble finding one for under $1000 (on a new laptop). So when I found this Thinkpad with a higher res screen, and all my other requirements met (Dual Core CPU, SATA Hard Drive, non-HP/Compaq) for under $500 I had to bid. I don't regret it, and I know that I got atleast a fair price, probably a good price. The screen does make text pretty small, however it's generally readable, and I upped the GNOME system font to 14 and that fixed a lot of the issues. The task that this laptop can do like nothing else is GIMP, with all the screen space, and the SSD(speeds loading times) it runs GIMP better than any other laptop I've had. I think that if you were looking for the best value, this laptop wouldn't be it, and that's probably what you are saying, however I really feel that with my wanting of a high resolution display it was a good deal.
2010-12-034:52 PM


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