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BrandonToshiba T4800CT
This post is special for a simple reason: I'm on Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1. I bought this laptop on ebay some time ago, for GUI testing, with 400MB HDD,16MB RAM,75Mhz Intel CPU, floppy, 640x480x8bit LCD it sounded perfect. When I got it I realized it had something else of value, the hard drive still contained the original recovery images. So naturally, I used laplink to back them up onto a CF, and then waited to get some floppies. Friday I got a box, and this weekend I made the restore disks, DOS6.22,WFW3.11,And all the extra Toshiba Drivers for this laptop. Next I installed my copy of Word 1.1 for Windows from floppy and then spent the rest of the day getting my PCMCIA slot NIC working, and now that it does, I am able to view the blog from Opera 3.62, our site looks pitiful at 640x480x8, so some changes might be comming, after all this is a retro site, machines like this should be able to display it perfectly.
2011-01-169:07 PM

JasonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
once i downloaded ie version 1.0 3.01 (Win3.11) from oldversion.com at least the old version of ie is fast! maybe you can use this website for testing. :P
2011-01-176:26 AM

BrandonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
I've used old versions of IE and Netscape before, however I've found them to be unstable, and they after pop-up with "scripting errors." I'm pretty impressed with Opera 3.62, even though it's a trial (30 days) it seems to be relatively fast, and the best part is that it renders quite well.The other annoyance is that it won't store cookies after it's closed, idk why, but I had to log-in again this morning.
2011-01-179:09 AM

HorvatMRe:Toshiba T4800CT
It's nice to hear you chose Opera. Lynx is a pretty good browser too.
2011-01-179:27 AM

BrandonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
Yeah, I'm sort of a silent Opera fan, I use Firefox on my main machines, but always have Opera installed for back-up. Actually the reason I chose Opera on here was that I needed something to fit on a floppy disk, and the other browsers I had for 3.1 wouldn't fit.
2011-01-179:58 AM

ToddRe:Toshiba T4800CT
I'm tempted to break out my Tandy but that thing doesn't even have PCMCIA, just an old 2400 bps dialup modem.
2011-01-176:45 PM

JasonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
you can still get free dial up services? (they are powered by popup ads or some shit) everything in australia has been replaced, teletext, free dialup :( who wants digital radio?!   brandon, http://www.oldversion.com/Opera.html  <offtopic> brandon, hows that award results document coming along? </offtopic> 
2011-01-1711:16 PM

BrandonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
I use my ethernet with a PCMCIA NIC.

(offtopic: it's on my hard drive, just haven't uploaded and added links)
2011-01-1810:40 AM

ToddRe:Toshiba T4800CT
Jason, http://www.freedialup.org/site/content/view/22/27/ Tried it a couple years ago and it worked fine (haven't used it in a long time since then).
2011-01-183:01 PM

BrandonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
Tonight I took out the 500MB HDD, (it's got to be over 1.5mm tall :P) and installed a 4GB Kingston 133x CF, which makes the machine silent when running (unless a floppy disk is in) and means that anything I do on it should be secure. I'm installing WFW3.11 now.
2011-01-186:13 PM

JasonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
Todd:  Cool thanks, i will try it out when i set up grandpa's modem *tear of joy* Brandon:  Haha, I like the sound of the hard drive crunching away, wouldnt the fans be noisy though?  My computer was a 4 core or some shit and i think the components were making sounds because the processor was so fast or something.
2011-01-188:40 PM

ToddRe:Toshiba T4800CT
I don't think there are any fans in it, are there? It's probably one of the older ones where a thermal pad sufficed for heat dissipation.
2011-01-189:00 PM

BrandonRe:Toshiba T4800CT
Jason, did you read my first post? First you asked if I use dial-up when I'm using a NIC and mention it in the first post, now you ask about loud fans in a 486 laptop? Even my 486 desktops only have 1 fan, 486 CPUs are very low power.
2011-01-1910:48 AM


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