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tacodrake95Scroll wheel
Hey, does anyone know how to access the scroll wheel on a mouse with QB?
2011-01-191:26 PM

sbRe:Scroll wheel
If you use the mouse driver from freedos, the api allows you to check for it, (read wheelapi.txt for full info) --------------------------------------------------- INT 33/0000 - Reset driver and read status Note: this call clears the wheel movement counter INT 33/0003 - Get cursor position, buttons status and wheel counter AX = 0003h Return: BL = buttons status BH = 8-bit signed counter of wheel movement since last call CX = column DX = row Notes: returned wheel counter contains all wheel movements accumulated since the last call to INT 33/AX=0003h, INT 33/AX=0005h/BX=-1 or INT 33/AX=0006h/BX=-1 positive value of wheel counter means downward wheel movement this call clears the wheel movement counter ---------------------------------------------------
2011-01-202:11 AM

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