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JasonASM Code wont assemble?
Hi, I talked to Michael S., the creator of the future library. (OMG! im like a little fan girl)  Anyway he told me I could get the code from phatcode.net I've been trying to get hold of him to find out what assembler he used, but he won't reply.  I've tried MASM611, MASM510, TASM5.  Here's the code and a list of errors, I'm a n00b at ASM so i want to learn off this code... that works! Thanks very much in advance. Assembly Errors
2011-01-1910:17 PM

ksrRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
nasm? Also, when you link to things, remember to put http:// in front.
2011-01-1910:53 PM

ToddRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
The code dates back before NASM I think. It might be a specific version of MASM (somewhere around 2000-2001 as the file timestamps indicate).
2011-01-1911:11 PM

JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
KSR: will do, thanks Todd & KSR: if i get hold of him i will notify you guys :D
2011-01-2012:41 AM

sbRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
The source file has .mmx in it, which means it uses mmx opcodes, so it definitly would not compile in masm 5, it would have to be an assembler written after 96 or so to include those instructions. I tried compiling that file using nasm98, it didnt complain about the .mmx so I'm guessing it has support, but it did complain about a few other statements, so its possible another file needs to be compiled first. Is there a batch or makefile to compile it or just asm files?
2011-01-202:28 AM

JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
just asm files and a readme, the readme says that it didnt have all of it, just the "interesting" parts. here's a link to the library downloads: http://www.phatcode.net/downloads.php?id=199 EDIT: i viewed the object files in notepad, heres some of the header: € C:\FUTULIB3\TEMP\FUTURE.BASTˆ$   Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 4.5ˆ  BRUN45Nˆ  ¡1CV–¢   i also found that there are a few asm files that might be needed: (45 folder) export
ver  (shared folder) blend256
xms i'm probably looking in the wrong direction, but i dont want to miss anything. :P  
2011-01-204:46 AM

DickRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
what are you trying to do
2011-01-201:34 PM

JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
assembly vesacore.asm to a lib. so then i can use qb's link to make a library. got any ideas?
2011-01-2010:28 PM

ToddRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
I don't think you can compile the FL code directly to a LIB file since you'd need a linker. The assembler will generate the object code (.OBJ files) and then you link them accordingly into a LIB file. If you notice the FLBUILD.EXE, it uses the QB linker to make the LIB then makes the QLB. If you can compile the code into object code, then try building it, you might be able to do it. MASM should be able generate the object code.
2011-01-2112:22 AM

JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
Sorry! I meant .OBJ I want to modify the ASM files so then i can make the OBJ files which i can then make the QLB
2011-01-211:46 AM

trollyRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
MASM 6.14
2011-01-213:55 AM

JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?
i tried MASM 6.15, are they the same? i couldnt patch masm 6.11 to 6.14, do you have a copy?
2011-01-214:13 AM

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