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funtikarMobileBASIC GUI how to make one
2011-02-023:05 AM

BrandonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
MobileBASIC isn't really used here, if you want to use it you'll probably have to go to it's forums to find out how to draw basic things like lines and boxes, and once you figure that out we can help with conceptual stuff, idk how much we can help codewise as I haven't really looked into mobilebasic code.
2011-02-0212:22 PM

funtikarRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one,im using Opera Mini. I cant select the textbox in this forum.
2011-02-029:02 PM

funtikarPlease excuse me for this. Unfortunately the mobileBasic forum is never online
2011-02-029:05 PM

funtikarAt the time being can you recommend me any BASIC tutorial. Most BASIC stuff is either obsolete or replaced by VisualBasic in google.
2011-02-029:20 PM

trollyRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
there is a lot of tutorial in the qb ring (just look at the botom of the page )
2011-02-036:47 AM

BrandonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
Pete's QB Site has a lot of good tutorials: http://petesqbsite.com/sections/tutorials/tutorials.shtml
2011-02-032:31 PM

ToddRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
Hey Brandon, just a side note, since we have the "Articles" section of the blog, you should write an article on how to make a GUI (for first-timers). You'd be the best since you've been doing it for so long and Fun500 has become more and more advanced upon each release.
2011-02-038:30 PM

funtikarPeteqb site is great. But a tutorial is even greater(above).
2011-02-038:48 PM

HorvatMRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
I don't think any single person would be best, because not everyone pays attention to the same things and not everyone follows the same design theories. Examples: scripts vs. executables, full-screen vs. windowed, QB vs. FB, and the various screen modes and libraries.
2011-02-048:44 AM

ToddRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
True but Brandon's very passionate about writing GUIs. And while everyone has different techniques, I think most new beginners just want to learn the basics before getting too advanced.
2011-02-049:00 AM

funtikarRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
that would be really helpful! :D
2012-06-2212:54 AM

JasonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
yes, but have you seen his code?! its all in capitals except for string literals, and variables have names like "A" and "B". dont teach someone a bad habit.
2012-06-2310:20 PM

funtikarRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
can you do it then :D. I'm programming for mobile phone using MidletPASCAL.
2012-06-247:27 AM

JasonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
I'm into HTML, CSS, PHP and JS now, but I know my way around QB :P. I'd learn by reading someone else's code. I'd imagine Jacob Palm's 'Costa' to be tidy but I'm pretty sure it's closed source. I'd suggest to read Trolly's code for 'Asgard' or 'Q-Step'. Asgard
They both include sources.
2012-06-253:50 AM

funtikarRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one
thanks for showing the way. Asgard is removed?but what's great is his GUI is influenced by mobile which is exactly what i'm programming for. by the way the My Profile page is kinda broken or is it just me?
2012-06-267:01 PM

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