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BrandonZipit Z2
Well I spent $35 on what, hopefully will be one of my best purchases ever, a Zipit Z2. Actually, I'm typing this post on it right now. It's a 300MHz 32MB RAM mini [pocketable] linux machine. The IRC channel seems helpful and I've installed one of the most popular userlands [distros] available. I have installed DOSBOX but am not yet able to utilize it, it's really designed for bigger screens. I don't really know what exactly I'll do with this device, but linux in my pocket for $35 sounded to good to be true to me.
2011-03-0510:49 PM

ToddRe:Zipit Z2
Sounds like my Sharp Zaurus. That thing I traded with a guy and it runs Linux on a Pico-like GUI alongside Java and the Qt desktop.
2011-03-0612:10 AM

BrandonRe:Zipit Z2
I bid on a Zaurus last month [ebay] but it went for like $130. Thats part of the reason the Z2 is so nice, it's cheap.
2011-03-068:57 AM


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