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Dicksimple mouse
These are my personal mouse routines, designed to be quick and simple for basic mouse support. Works on QBasic, QB4.5, and QB64. DECLARE SUB mouse (ax%, mb%, mx%, my%) DIM SHARED m(7) AS LONG m(0) = &H8BE58955 m(1) = &H48B0C76 m(2) = &H768B33CD m(3) = &H8B1C890A m(4) = &HC890876 m(5) = &H8906768B m(6) = &H8CA5D14 'push bp 'mov bp, sp 'mov si, [bp + 12] 'mov ax, [si] 'int 33h 'mov si, [bp + 10] 'mov [si], bx 'mov si, [bp + 8] 'mov [si], cx 'mov si, [bp + 6] 'mov [si], dx 'pop bp 'retf 8 '**The following is just an example DIM mb AS INTEGER, mx AS INTEGER, my AS INTEGER SCREEN 12 mouse 1, mb, mx, my DO mouse 3, mb, mx, my LOCATE 1, 1: PRINT mb, mx, my LOOP UNTIL INP(&H60) = 1 SYSTEM '** SUB mouse (ax%, mb%, mx%, my%) DEF SEG = VARSEG(m(0)) CALL absolute(ax%, mb%, mx%, my%, VARPTR(m(0))) END SUB
2011-04-154:48 PM

pharoahRe:simple mouse
Well, I haven't had a chance to test any of these routines yet, but they look fast and very well written. Thanks for posting your code.
2011-04-158:32 PM


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