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BrandonGUI Blog Forum rules
Everyone has been making suggestions to me, here's some from me:
1.Some authors have multiple GUI projects that really are all BETAs building up to the same final release. Please don't fill up the database with different names for the same GUI, if you want to change the name, just change it, don't make a new GUI.
2.Some GUIs have 0 downloads and 0 screenshots, please don't add GUIs that have neither.
3.Don't post topics with "Suggestion" or "" as the title, there's too many already, post a more specific topic
4.Don't use curse words in the forums
5.If English is your native tongue, speak it like it is, don't post messages in code/gibberish that no one can understand.
6.Post messages that are on a new topic in a new forum
7.If you don't know what you are posting about, don't post at all.
8.Don't post the same thing over and over, either in new topics or by "bumping".
9.Each person is only allowed one username/account.

I haven't really enforced any rules before, but I'm getting tired of posts that are inappropriate for the forums. I haven't ran the site like a dictator, but lately things have been a little out of control.
And you may ask how I will enforce these rules, and it's quite simple really, I expect users will start to live by them, or I will slowly remove all the freedoms from the blog's CMS until the rules must be followed.
2011-04-212:46 PM


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