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hey, does anyone have any dithering routines for screen 12 mode toget the illusion of more colors?
2011-04-212:46 PM

You can use some image editors (ie: GIMP) to save dithered images for loading in basic apps. I'm not sure about any routines, but the EnSpireMe code would be the first place I would start.
2011-04-212:49 PM

is it QB45, because that's BASICally(pun intended) the only BASIC language i know.
2011-04-212:50 PM

I know. I mean that if you have an image loader in your BASIC code, you can use GIMP to convert and image to load in your basic GUI. And EnSpireMe is written in QB45.
2011-04-212:52 PM

maybe i'll take a look at the source code.
2011-04-213:42 PM

A dithering program would be a pretty nice addition to the code forum.
2011-04-217:51 PM

Enjoy: SUB dither (x1%, y1%, x2%, y2%, c1%, c2%) LINE (x1%, y1%)-(x2%, y2%), c1%, BF tx1% = x1%: tx2% = x1%: ty1% = y1%: ty2% = y1%: sig1% = 0: sig2% = 0 DO LINE (tx1%, ty1%)-(tx2%, ty2%), c2% IF tx2% < x2% THEN tx2% = tx2% + 2 ELSE IF ty2% < y2% THEN ty2% = ty2% + 2 ELSE sig1% = 1 IF ty1% < y2% THEN ty1% = ty1% + 2 ELSE IF tx1% < x2% THEN tx1% = tx1% + 2 ELSE sig2% = 1 LOOP UNTIL sig1% = 1 AND sig2% = 1 END SUB
2011-04-219:05 PM

Here is a variant. It might be slightly faster. LINE (x1%, y1%)-(x2%, y2%), c1%, BF j% = &H5555 FOR i% = y1% TO y2% LINE (x1%, i%)-(x2%, i%), c2%, , j% j% = j% XOR &HFFFF NEXT I may post an image dithering program. So far, I got black and white dithering down, colors are a little tricky.
2011-04-2110:18 PM

yeah i was hoping that i could get an image dithering routine for use in cyclops.
2011-04-221:15 PM

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