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tacodrake95Cyclops web site
The Cyclops web-site is up and running(somewhat), so here is the Link
2011-04-223:12 PM

BrandonRe:Cyclops web site
I have just a couple comments. One is that your banner really shouldn't be a BMP image, they are big and slow and make your website seem less professional, use PNG or JPEG instead. My other comment is more of a question, do you have anything to prevent spam posts? A lot of times guestbooks without antispam routines get spammed,
2011-04-239:08 AM

pharoahRe:Cyclops web site
Use a GIF. They're lossless compressed (so you don't get ugly artifacts), and they work well with a small number of colors.
2011-04-233:40 PM

tacodrake95Re:Cyclops web site
Well, i will eventually put some spam protection in place, but i haven't gotten around to it, so if someone spams, then i'll just empty the entire MySQL database.
2011-04-248:54 PM


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