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tacodrake95Showing Users online
Hey, brandon, here is a tutorial for a simple code that shows how to show the number of users online. http://www.phpeasystep.com/phptu/9.html
2011-04-262:03 PM

BrandonRe:Showing Users online
You've posted about adding this before, http://www.theguiblog.com/forum.php?function=view&TID=1338. It's the same exact thing, you just added another thread. I know that you want this functionality added, and I am not going to add it right now, if I was going to add it, I would have last time you asked for it. I've added a new Rule to the list see #8: http://www.theguiblog.com/forum.php?function=view&TID=1520
2011-04-262:33 PM

tacodrake95Re:Showing Users online
I was just saying that if you wanted to learn how you could potentially inmplement it, i would use it for a website, but i'm still learning how to do login scripts.
2011-04-262:54 PM


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