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tacodrake95Freebasic help
does anyone know how to compile a program winth includes in freebasic?
2011-05-2612:42 AM

HorvatMRe:Freebasic help
Try these:

2011-05-2610:46 AM

tacodrake95Re:Freebasic help
Well, i already tried doing a direct include, but then i realized that it was something in my code. I have been rewriting cyclops with freebasic and it doesn't want to compile any way that i try it. I'll upload the source and see if someone can help me out. It runs just fine when i do a quick run, but i can't get it to compile.
2011-05-261:38 PM

BrandonRe:Freebasic help
Quick run? There is not quick run in FreeBASIC, every time you run your BAS file it's compiled.
2011-05-264:51 PM

tacodrake95Re:Freebasic help
I am using FbIDE.
2011-05-269:05 PM

BrandonRe:Freebasic help
Well it is compiling if it runs. You might be runing a compiled version from the past, but there is no quickrun for FB if the app is running, it was compiled.
2011-05-2710:40 AM

tacodrake95Re:Freebasic help
I just realized that it creates a temp file, so i just copied that and renamed it.
2011-05-2711:04 AM

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