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tacodrake95FbDOS help.
Does anyone know how to compile using fbdos?
2011-05-269:32 PM

RetroMRe:FbDOS help.
Excuse me while I die laughing
2011-05-275:21 AM

JasonRe:FbDOS help.
haha, oh murray you! alright, so all you do pretty much is:
C:\FreeBASIC\>FBC MyGUI.BAS -lang fblite/qb/deprecated

only use the -lang tag if you haven't defined the syntax type at the top of you file using:
#lang "fblite/qb/deprecated"

don't use deprecated, well, i hope you don't, it's shithouse.
2011-05-277:26 AM

BrandonRe:FbDOS help.
Jason, take a look at rule #4.Forum Rules If you would like to dicuss this farther please feel free to e-mail me. Like Jason said, you use the command line and pass the BAS file as a parameter to FBC.exe on Windows you can also associate BAS files with FBC and it will compile them or you can drag and drop your BAS file onto FBC and it will compile.
2011-05-2710:48 AM

tacodrake95Re:FbDOS help.
and does this run with 1024x780x24bit mode?
2011-05-2711:06 AM

JasonRe:FbDOS help.
@tacodrake95 yes
@brandon 'shithouse' is a propper, english word, claims google:
An outhouse is a type of toilet in a small structure separate from the main building which does not have a flush and is not attached to a sewer.
and brandon, i cant email you, you dont read them, just ADD ME ON FACEY
2011-05-2712:27 PM

HorvatMRe:FbDOS help.
Jason, take a look at rule #4

Oh, come on. He wasn't cursing _excessively_. And you're wasting your time censoring details like this.
2011-05-271:46 PM

atrocityRe:FbDOS help.
Sorry, I'm new here. So hi!!! But yes, my experimental GUI I'm building (along with a proper DOS FB code editor) supports up to 1280x1024 using the built-in FreeBasic graphics library.
2013-01-058:35 AM

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