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tacodrake95Jacob Palm website
I was wondering if anyone els is having trouble connecting to Jacob Palm's website, @http://www.jacobpalm.dk/. i was for a while, but i checked again and it seems that it is "under constriction".
2011-06-012:22 PM

JasonRe:Jacob Palm website
ive seen so many different "under construction" signs on that site for years now.
2011-06-016:47 PM

TheWalrusRe:Jacob Palm website
That's because I'm using the domain for various personal projects, private photo sharing and other stuff which should only be accessed by certain people. It's been a couple of years since I hosted any public website there, mainly because I don't have any brilliant ideas about what content I should put on it (I'm not interested in making a new GUI site).
2011-06-017:09 PM

JasonRe:Jacob Palm website
ummm, costa?
2011-06-0212:51 AM


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