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BrandonWeb Site Idea
I think a web-site like: http://system7today.com/ except for PCs would be a neat idea. It could have sections on tools for setting up DOS,Win3.x,Win9x, and Linux all on older machines and have mirrored copies of commonly needed updates/drivers. Also there could be a hardware/software support forum. What do you guys think?
2011-06-123:50 PM

ToddRe:Web Site Idea
That'd be neat. I hate to say it but these forums are dying. QB sites aren't as popular these days and FB seems to center around its own forums. I think if we had a site that expanded on topics like playing with hardware, writing code, GUIs, Linux, whatever it is, AND if we try to be welcoming and genuine, we might get a nice community going.

The problem with most forums is always the authority and separation. Some tell you that you can't post links until you achieve a certain "rank" or you are forbidden from mentioning a topic in another category. Ideally I'd like to make forum software that's a little friendlier than those SMF/phpBB-driven sites. Plus I think it would be a great asset to have ideas and room for improvement. One idea I have would be to offer "development containers" in the sense of a time-limited place to develop code or a project and run it without mucking up someone else's stuff in other containers (i.e. Linux CHOWNing). Almost like a social coding deal like github. Still I'm just brainstorming at the moment.
2011-06-154:31 AM

ksrRe:Web Site Idea
I kind of mentioned this before. If you opened the forum up to general programming/hacking/old hardware/linux you could still have a GUI section for all you oldbies. And I would come back :P
2011-06-308:56 PM


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