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BrandonQB RAM Question
Say I have a chain of 5 QB applications that just shell to the next one after loading up come variables. Will QB use up my conventional RAM or will it take advantage of extended RAM?
2011-06-219:21 PM

HorvatMRe:QB RAM Question
QB can only use conventional memory. Otherwise you wouldn't need a library to use XMS.
2011-06-2312:06 PM

ToddRe:QB RAM Question
That sounds about right. I think even though a DOS session has EMS/XMS, DOS will still force the program into conventional memory. The apps have to be written to utilize EMS/XMS in order to take advantage of it for storing data.
2011-06-2312:55 PM

BrandonRe:QB RAM Question
I figured as much.
2011-06-231:15 PM

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