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BrandonGoogle Adsense & The Blog 2.0
I plan to sign up for Google Adsense this week, and in the next few months work on a "Blog 2.0" which should have many of the refutes that have been talked about in the past. Any input on Adsense and or what you'd like out of a new site will be considered.
2011-08-0110:08 AM

ToddRe:Google Adsense & The Blog 2.0
For AdSense, don't let it kill the blog. I don't mind seeing ads and I know where you're coming from with it but just don't put like 5 Flash banners on one page or something - that's all. As said before, just expanding the range of discussion on the blog would be nice. If you're working on the blog, I spent some time working on an HTML filter for PHP that lets you remove tags you don't want (i.e. "script") and disable attributes on certain tags like "onclick" and "onload". Let me know if you'd like a copy.
2011-08-0110:57 AM

BrandonRe:Google Adsense & The Blog 2.0
-With Adsense, I planned to do just one text style banner, so it'll be less obnoxious.
-As far as that php for blocking stuff, sure, I'll look at a copy, I'll need something like that, I also want to add my own commands like and so that in news posts if the screenshot or download has been removed, there won't be a dead link. -Expanding the topic base is also a huge part of my new idea.
2011-08-013:19 PM


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