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ToddQB Reddit
Not sure who all is on Reddit but it's one of the sites I frequent on a daily basis among others. It's basically social networking through posting topics, links, and questions. Reddit has several subreddits as different categories of discussion and I created a QuickBASIC programming subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/qbasic/

If anyone's on it, feel free to join and post.
2011-09-0811:43 AM

pharoahRe:QB Reddit
Can't believe you're a redditor, Todd! I joined, although I've been to busy lately to find content.
2011-09-181:01 PM

ToddRe:QB Reddit
Haha yeah. More of a lurker but I was a little surprised there's no QB subreddit.
2011-09-181:11 PM

ksrRe:QB Reddit
Sweet, I'm a redditor too. I'm surprised there's not a FreeBASIC subreddit actually.
2011-09-208:38 PM

tacodrake95Re:QB Reddit
I just joined reddit. I have actually been looking for a site like this for a while now. I love how it's content is different every day. Just what an ADHD kid like me needs. (Oh, by the way, i reddited The GUI Blog as well)
2011-09-212:49 PM

ToddRe:QB Reddit
I saw it and upvoted it. Kyle maybe you should make a FreeBASIC subreddit.
2011-09-214:37 PM


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