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How's everything going? It seems like Dick is the only one actually posting about GUIs :P so what are you all working on? Just curious. By the way, the ad on the bottom is on cyber nannies and free christian dating, wtf?
2012-01-237:04 PM

wow you're here! not like your missing much this place is dead, i dont know why i even check anymore. goto zenex.tk for updates if your interested, i should be starting up a few websites and doing a few websites for people. that and i should be making my gui in fb. add me on facebook dude if you wanna catch up. (/backwardsbukaki)
2012-01-243:04 AM

I still check this place often, though I don't have any significant news to share.
2012-01-248:42 AM

anyone wanna share what they see here: https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/ it might have influence on google ads
2012-01-271:06 AM

Guys, in case you are wondering, i'm still alive. I haven't been doing much GUI development because of school. I'm trying to get qualified to be a designer at my brother's shop when he gets it up and running in about 4 years, so i need to take some engineering and manufacturing classes, plus some networking, network security and web design classes. I might eventually get back to GUI development, but it will be in a while.
2012-02-0311:09 AM

I've been lurking and checking the blog fairly often, but I'm busy with college. I'm taking four CS classes, two math classes, and electronic circuits (aaaaagh, boring class) this semester. Plus I have to find an internship for the summer. I'm still interested in GUIs though, and I'm learning some stuff that will be useful in designing better ones.
2012-02-041:21 PM

being optimistic, i'd say that ideas are brewing, we just need the time, which looks like its drawing close.
2012-02-048:45 PM

I've been pretty busy with college, but I did take some time and learn a little C++ and I've been messing with hardware. I don't really have much time for GUI stuff anymore, beyond trying them out maybe. That doesn't mean that I'm abandoning, the site, I still check once in a while, in case anyone has an programming questions.
2012-03-153:37 PM

oh my god a post. but rly, i'm cruising through this compiler. it's an opcode-based system, the user can provide custom opcode lists (ocl) using the /cocl switch. its really in pre-alpha black-box testing since im working on the interface and error handling which is failsafe until qb decides to just stop.
2012-03-168:41 AM


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