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JasonUgos and Briska 1.x missing!
I'm trying to create a personal timeline of my projects. I've got Go!, Kus, Guos, Cobra, DigitalKitchen (lol believe it or not.), Briska 2.0. I'm missing Ugos and Briska 1.x! So this is a call out asking, search your HDDs for Ugos and Briska!!! Thanks, and if you want to see DigitalKitchen (haha) I'll upload it for kicks.

edit: thx matej <33333 exoh<br/>briska down ugos to go!
2012-03-201:35 AM

BrandonRe:Ugos and Briska 1.x missing!
I did a search and found the old post were you posted it on the really old version of the blog, however the download link was to http://fileshare.us.tt which doesn't seem to exist anymore. Todd would be the guy to get a hold of, he might still have a copy somewhere.
2012-03-205:00 PM

JasonRe:Ugos and Briska 1.x missing!
ok cheers, got his email?
2012-03-215:44 PM

BrandonRe:Ugos and Briska 1.x missing!
This is his profile: http://theguiblog.com/user.php?userno=16
2012-03-218:36 PM


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