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i want to write some guis because i have break from school like christmas and i want to write another gui and in freebasic you have any ideas
2012-03-221:10 AM

Think about things that annoy you or take too long in your everyday computer use and prototype something that might make that better. I find it's more motivating to work toward a specific goal that you care about, rather than something so open ended.
2012-03-2210:22 PM

Text editing is something GUIs often struggle with. Also GUIs with web features are interesting.
2012-03-2211:09 PM

my last gui had a text editor which worked pretty well, opened and saved with editing behavior like notepad. I guess more stuff to add would be like copy/paste undo/redo etc. I looked around for some sort of c libraries that could work with fb for dos for html web browsing. didnt really get much working, might be good for another try. one thing i kind of want is a simple but useful calculator thats like allows expressions typed and outputs value, which can be entered into expression again. and also a simple graphing calculator would be pretty cool. but expression parsing is somewhat complicated, but it may be worth a try
2012-03-2211:21 PM

FreeBASIC has a cURL library. I'm working on something, using that, if I figure out how the hell it works.
2012-03-231:16 AM

Building on that calculator idea, in the real world spreadsheet programs are used a lot, and the only GUI I know of with one is ASGARD/Q-Step.
2012-03-249:36 AM

Q-step also has a database system, although it's a bit strange. It would be really nice (from a programmer perspective) if a GUI offered a simple database system that any programmer could use, so they didn't have to worry about how to structure data inside files and could search for things quickly. Think SQLite, which is used by Firefox among many other things. I believe that some mobile platforms have something like this.
2012-03-2410:11 PM


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