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JasonQML HSpan HPane
can someone give me an example of these tags in context?
2012-03-249:09 AM

BrandonRe:QML HSpan HPane
No one has used them, as no current QML browser supports them. But Pharaoh would probably know how he imagined them to work, as he wrote the spec.
2012-03-249:37 AM

JasonRe:QML HSpan HPane
yeah i was reading it for, oh, no reason...
here we are boys.
2012-03-249:55 AM

pharoahRe:QML HSpan HPane
IIRC, the idea behind the hpanes was that they'd handle mult-column layouts. One hspan would be like a single row of an HTML table, and there would be one or more fixed-width hpanes (like cells) within them. This solves the problem of trying to make multi-column layouts without knowing whether the QML reader will add extra text onto the end of links, forms, and other things that would screw up the columns if you tried to align them yourself.
2012-03-2410:09 PM

JasonRe:QML GET Form
I was reading the spec and I find a strange inconsistency between browsers. The syntax is [name>target. Most browsers seem to ignore the name argument. QBrowse seems to be the only reader that displays it. And if this is new news to you, and you're going to implement it, (ha) is there a line break after the GET Form name is printed?


wow we posted nearly at the same time.
have you ever used it in your pages?
2012-03-2410:12 PM

pharoahRe:QML HSpan HPane
The form name is for "out-of-page" rendering of forms using a set of successive prompts (the way QBrowse 0.7 does it). It was intended to be an easier way to put forms in if you didn't want to get the interface details of in-page rendering working. The plan was for the name to display as a link with no line break, as it does in QBrowse IIRC.
2012-03-2512:09 AM

JasonRe:QML HSpan HPane
ohh ok i'll make an option in the preferences.
2012-03-251:20 AM


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