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JasonBriska 3
My text-mode version of Briska 1.5 is here. Briska 2 was an online RTÉ Aertel teletext service, which I still find useful. I contemplated writing a whole new markup language for Briska 3, but I knew no one would use it, in contrast to the QML community (which we must make noticed!). I may write another graphical version in which an image tag will be added, might get some attention. But that's far down the track. So today, I bring you Briska 3.

The Logo

First run

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2012-03-2410:16 AM

pharoahRe:Briska 3
Very cool. I didn't know you could write custom Teletext services. We don't have it at all in the US, and I don't know much about it besides playing around in Prague.
2012-03-2410:14 PM

JasonRe:Briska 3
RTÉ Aertel provides the images online, Briska 2 just rendered them in a nice interface. We had Austext over here but they shut the service down since the technology was 30-40 years old. Stupid, all this new EPG, etcetera is visually displeasing. haha
2012-03-2410:17 PM


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