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bongomenoMy new BBS!
Hey everyone! I would just like to share this little Telnet BBS I am working on. I am writing the server in Blitz Basic, so it is fairly fast. This is version one of our BBS, it will improve over time. There is a mini message board in the forum. Please leave a message! You can connect here: telnet://
2012-04-275:19 AM

RetroMRe:My new BBS!
lol. the only person in the world who still uses BBSes is me and I haven't done it in ages.
2012-04-275:50 AM

HorvatMRe:My new BBS!
Interesting. Will it support multiple simultaneous connections? I tried to connect but got no response, then when I tried again (much later), I connected successfully. Or is it only available at scheduled times?
2012-04-2712:08 PM

bongomenoRe:My new BBS!
I plan on supporting multiple connections if possible, but the problem is my internet connection is pretty bad so it disconnects quite often. This is only a demo version. I will rewrite it to be much more functional. Plans include the ability to create an account, forms, e-mail, and eventually an online game. Of course the possibilities are endless. :D I am not that great with network programming yet, so this will be a nice learning experience. My goal is to make BBSing popular again. Check out/like my facebook page for BBSing thhat I made a while back too.
2012-04-274:24 PM

bongomenoRe:My new BBS!
I made some updates last night. I added a user log in system and e-mail. Check it out. :D
2012-04-284:28 PM


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