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I've been doing a few things without the future library recently, getting back to my original roots fees good, I didn't think I could return. But I can, and relief washes over me in an awesome wave. Here are two image sources, the first one being Van Gogh's "Starry Night". And the second being a representation of the piece in my program. It supports the following: RGB intensity customization to the gradient 16-color palette. 8 BPP, uncompressed bitmaps. Resizable images. This will hopefully become the origins of my new GUI. It has become apparent to many of you a long time ago that I simply can't be fucked writing a scripter. Oh well, we all have to prioritize our time effectively. Source 1: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/VanGogh-starry_night_ballance1.jpg Source 2: http://filecascade.com/starry.jpg
2012-05-0710:21 AM

Looks interesting. What dithering algorithm are you using?
2012-05-0810:02 AM

Surprisingly none. It's in SCREEN 12 so the benefit of 13h's POKE method is obsolete. I just use PSET, but I'd like to pick up the pace a bit. Got any ideas?
2012-05-0810:09 AM

Looks pretty good to me.
2012-05-082:23 PM

Cheers, one thing I need help with is that when I scale the source larger than the original dimensions, evenly spaced gaps in the rendered image appear, it's obvious why, but I guess I'll just put in an IF to determine if it's scaled larger, then use LINE's BF attribute?
2012-05-087:58 PM

That'd probably work, but the scaling will be quite slow (in comparison).
2012-05-1012:08 PM

JasonRe:Project.=File Cascade
Ill implement it tonight if I have some spare time. I've been working on a project called File Cascade

Main http://filecascade.com
Family Page http://woodland.filecascade.com
Community http://community.filecascade.com
HORATiO http://horatio.filecascade.com
2012-05-1112:02 AM


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