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Hopefully this will be helpful. Pros: -Online update -Decent selection of apps -Point and Click QML reader -Decent look -A couple games Cons: -QML Scrolling is slow -Slow Graphics -Text Editor wouldn't launch -Desktop is somewhat over populated Notes: -Icons do a little loop when you click them -The QML Reader has no home page -Online Apps folder doesn't appear to have a function
2009-05-1011:28 AM

Cons: No obvious way to send high scores. Notes: Some things are still in French.
2009-05-1012:44 PM

[li] Online Apps folder was introduced with the first version of the update prog, now, it isn't used, i should remove it for the next major release[/li][li]if the desktop is somewhat overpopulated, it's because asgard need 1 folder per file type[/li][li]i've changed the texteditor, now it use a widget (textzone) i've wrote for the 2nd major version of the mail client (scrolling is managed by the widget manage code itself), normaly the text editor should work correctly, if you find bugs, you should say me it[/li][li] i need tho know what are still in french to fix it ^^[/li] NOTE 1: [b]Asgard has now a task switching mechanism, i know it's not multitask, but it's better than nothing [/b] you could to install the last system update, then, clic on the new button "update all installed apps" (after that, verify if the "tmp" folder is corectly created. if not, create it manualy). and you will see a button at the bottom right position of the screen, it let yo to show the launched tasks. For now, only music Editor and FmSong dont support task switching Note 2: [b]For Mail Client user:[/b] if you want to use pop3 with the mail client, the server address should be like this [pop server address]/pop3/ssl [li]for gmail: pop.gmail.com/pop3/ssl[/li][li]for windows live mail : pop3.live.com/pop3/ssl[/li][li]for yahoo mail: pop.mail.yahoo.com/pop3/ssl[/li] (for yahoo and gmail, you must activate pop3 in your acount configuration)
2009-05-1011:09 PM

Does the client handle IMAP? Most pop3 providers support it, and it tends to be a better protocol. I think handling it works the same way as handling pop3 in php. The runtime errors seem to be in French for one thing (don't know how you did that, I thought those were built in to QB).
2009-05-117:12 AM

for imap you could try so: [server imap addr]/imap/ssl the runtime error is in frech because i use a french version of qb
2009-05-118:20 AM

[quote] the runtime error is in frech because i use a french version of qb [/quote] How strange, I had no idea that such a thing existed!
2009-05-119:10 AM

2009-05-114:35 PM

No really I didn't know there were foreign langauge versions of QB. It seems odd that they wouldn't also make the language itself french based in that case.
2009-05-115:13 PM

You mean the syntax? It wouldn't be very portable, then :P
2009-05-115:15 PM

No, but if you're going to have French error messages it's already a bit strange to English speakers. I'm surprised there are so few programming languages that aren't based on English. Wikipedia lists about 10.
2009-05-115:44 PM

All hail the English :P
2009-05-119:18 PM

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