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BrandonFun500 5
Fun500 5 Minimal http://fun500.brandoncornell.com Please review!
2009-05-171:24 PM

agumaRe:Fun500 5
Pros: neat package manager, well planned out, lotsa widgets for you to use Cons: no apps, icons load slowly, no way to install local files
2009-05-194:19 PM

Re:Fun500 5
Pros: neat layout, cool colour scheme Cons: It crashes when i install every app at once.
2009-05-197:34 PM

BrandonRe:Fun500 5
There is no reason that should happen, it installs one app the same as many. If it crashes, even if you install one, I'd recommend making sure its in a DOS friendly directory (like C:FUN500 or C:F5)
2009-05-197:56 PM

pharoahRe:Fun500 5
Pros: Small, low requirements for basic install, fairly fast, SDK Cons: Few apps, no multitasking, no real windowing
2009-05-204:36 PM

trollyRe:Fun500 5
Pros: Very clean interface and sdk, light and fast Cons: To few widget available for the developper, Texbox Data could only be up to 20chars. (there is a inputText$ function , but it is'nt as flexible as a normal textBox) PS: IM Client will comming very soon!
2009-05-237:58 AM

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