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agumaWhat\'s your GUI look like?
It's been kinda boring lately, so post your GUI's screenshots here! I'll put mine later, it's not pretty enough yet...
2009-11-249:11 PM

BrandonRe:What\'s your GUI look like?
Here's a screenshot of Fun500 5.1's config application: [img]http://brandoncornell.com/Fun500/5SS/control_000.png[/img] For more screenshots, see: http://fun500.brandoncornell.com/?page=screenshots.html
2009-11-249:19 PM

agumaRe:What\'s your GUI look like?
My totally awesome window look running a file selector! Yay! [img size=646]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/images/Sparkshot.png[/img]
2009-12-0310:47 PM

bongomenoRe:What\'s your GUI look like?
This is Version 3 of my DREAM16 OS. I will release version 4 later today! B) I have never made a GUI before, so this has been a challenge. [img size=640]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/images/dream16_000.png[/img]
2009-12-313:46 PM


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