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BrandonGUI Awards 09 Sign-up
[img]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/images/guia09.png[/img] This Thread is only for GUI Submissions, please don't waste moderator time by posting anything else. Reply with this information: [b]GUI Name:[/b] [b]Version:[/b] [b]Download URL:[/b] Author E-Mail: Web-site: FB/QB: Required information is in bold, please note that you can use the forum to upload your submission. Edit your entry as much as you'd like until the sign-up deadline.
2009-12-0111:07 AM

BrandonRe:GUI Awards 09 Sign-up
GUI Name: Fun500 Version: 5.1.1 Download URL: http://fun500.brandoncornell.com/F5511.zip Author E-Mail: admin@brandoncornell.com Web-site: http://fun500.brandoncornell.com FB/QB: QBX 7.1
2009-12-011:43 PM

agumaRe:GUI Awards 09 Sign-up
GUI Name: Spark Version: 1, but technically 4 Author E-Mail: farosadmin@gmail.com Website: http://xeneth.theguiblog.com/ FB/QB: QBX 7.1 Download: [file name=Spark-a6f72f5558d3b07deea926ece245b0a2.zip size=184364]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/files/Spark-a6f72f5558d3b07deea926ece245b0a2.zip[/file]
2009-12-087:14 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:GUI Awards 09 Sign-up
GUI Name: Geode Version: 1 Download: COMING SOON Author E-Mail: tall.hair.jas@hotmail.com FB/QB: QuickBASIC 4.50
2009-12-092:31 AM

BrandonRe:GUI Awards 09 Sign-up
GUI Name:Costa Author:Jacob Palm Version:0.9.8 Download URL:http://costa.jacobpalm.dk/downloads/COSTA098.ZIP Web-site:http://costa.jacobpalm.dk/ GUI Name:Asgard Author:Trolly Version:1.0? Download URL:http://asgard.theguiblog.com/files/afull.zip Web-site:http://asgard.theguiblog.com
2009-12-273:46 PM

bongomenoRe:GUI Awards 09 Sign-up
GUI Name: DREAM16 Version: 2 Download URL: http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/files/DREAM16-097779368050c9e29207a7e19a1ab0ec.zip Author E-Mail: bongo_meno@yahoo.com Web-site: www.geekbasic.webs.com FB/QB: QB 4.5
2009-12-2911:41 PM


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