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bongomenoDREAM16 OS - The new GUI in town! =]
I decided to make a thread about my GUI so I can update it easier. I will also be posting all four versions. To find out more about it, download it and read the README file. I put all 4 versions in 1 zip. http://geekbasic.webs.com/DREAM16.zip
2010-01-014:07 PM

bongomenoRe:DREAM16 OS - The new GUI in town! =]
UPDATE! VERSION 5 I did not have much time to work on this and will not have much time for a while because shool is starting back up, but I will not gie up on this. Updates include bugfixes and a clock display and I got rid of the annoying mouse flicker. I also changed the way windows look slightly. I will update the file in the 1st post later. When I have more time, I still plan on adding a real scripting engine with controls and the like instead of just using my language PROSEED as a shell. ( will likely still use PROSEED) Feedback is appreiated. Here is the new file: [file name=DREAM16-d207642be3291f9b778533c9dd53994e.zip size=233391]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/files/DREAM16-d207642be3291f9b778533c9dd53994e.zip[/file]
2010-01-0412:38 AM


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