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HOW IS EVERYONE DOING?? I was bored today so today I wrote a quick GUI. Its written in QB 4.5 and uses SCREEN 12 and real-mode 8086 pure QBasic. Give it a try and tell me what you think. I think that I will not write a real GUI in QB, but maybe an entire GUI in asm only would be some fun stuff. HOW TO USE THIS GUI! [ul] RIGHT-Click anywhere on the desktop to bring up menu LEFT-Click on window title bar to draw it! [/ul] HOW TO USE THE CLOCK! [ul] MOUSE you mouse Over it to see the current time IT IS FLICKER! [/ul] HOW TO USE THE PAINT PROGRAM! [ul] LEFT click on it to DRAW! RIGHT click on it to ERASE! [/ul] [file name=mygui.zip size=44168]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/files/mygui.zip[/file]
2010-01-025:51 PM

It's looking pretty good to me, even with a low DOSBox cycle count it runs well.
2010-01-028:15 PM


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