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pharoahMost Mysterious GUIs
I'm curious as to what the most mysterious Qbasic GUIs out there are. By that, I mean the ones that look like they've got all kinds of cool features, but have inadequate documentation or source, or GUIS that are cool but made by anonymous folks. I know that there are some out there, particularly scripters that never had many scripts written for them. Can anyone suggest some, so that I can poke around and see what I can learn about them?
2010-01-036:58 PM

BrandonRe:Most Mysterious GUIs
Fun500 4 lacks scripts :P
2010-01-037:04 PM

pharoahRe:Most Mysterious GUIs
Yes Brandon, but Fun500 4 is hardly mysterious. I'm thinking more along the lines of TGO and the like.
2010-01-037:10 PM

BrandonRe:Most Mysterious GUIs
Oh, well I found this GUI called TGO, it is very mysterious :P
2010-01-037:19 PM

ToddRe:Most Mysterious GUIs
Try KaOS. KaOS has little documentation and is pretty mysterious. I got it to run once but it's very difficult to get it working.
2010-01-037:46 PM

bongomenoRe:Most Mysterious GUIs
How about MageOS? http://qbasicgui.datacomponents.net/MageOS.html
2010-01-039:22 PM


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